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Are you suffering from High Blood Pressure, High Sugar Level, High Blood Lipids? This harmonizing and aromatic hypertension tea is designed to regulate High Blood Pressure and prevent …. High Blood Sugar and High Blood Lipids. An intriguing and delicious blend of Duzhong and fragrant Astragalus in combination with Mulberry Leaf,Hawthorn and Cassia Seed traditionally used to uplift the spirit-helps to provide energy and the natural support you need to positively influence your mood.
Get you moving freely with a rejuvenating cup of refreshing Hypertension tea Cup after,this deliciously regulating tea can help you feel fully vitalized to regulate hypertension at the same time so you can perform at your best!

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  • High Blood Pressure, a very pervasive and wide-spread Health Challenge today, cutting across age ranges; children to adults alike.
  • Did you know that the Orients have some of the highest life expectancy in the world? Bama village in China is known as “Longevity Village“, people in Bama typically live over a 100 years in good active health. Such longevity with great physical and mental vitality can not be possible if the engine room of the human anatomy, the Heart experiences problems such as High Blood pressure, Heart Failure, etc.
  • One of the secrets of the Chinese and Orients in general is the age old (over 1000 years) knowledge of herbal Chinese medicine that exploits natural wholesome remedies to care for and nourish humans; this knowledge has been passed down many generations and have stood the test of time, yielding unmatched health benefits to those adherents of these ancient secrets.
  • This Hypertension Tea is a product of this millennial old basket of ancient Chinese Wisdom perfectly married with modern scientific and technological advancement to create a Tea that is so effective at regulating High Blood Pressure.
  • In every bag of this tea, you will be unveiling a unique and potent blend of Chinese medicine and tea, specifically designed to Prevent;
  1. High Blood Pressure,
  2. High Blood Sugar, and
  3. High Blood Lipids.

To ensure the efficacy of this tea, only the very best of premium ingredients have been masterfully blended to yield this amazing tea, and they include; Duzhong, Fragrant Astragalus, Mulberry Leaf, Hawthorn, and Cassia Seed.



  • Helps lower blood lipids and cholesterol; lower blood pressure and obesity, promote blood circulation.
  • Relieve Blood Pressure, Soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation through heart and brain.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Naturally Without Side Effects
  • Anti-Oxidative, resists free radicals; anti-inflammatory.
  • Prevent heart problem, stroke, brain thrombus,
  • Improves mental focus and memory.
  • Great on Taste.
  • Direction; Take a teabag, and place in a clean cup, add boiling water. Then allow to brew for 3-5 minutes, then enjoy every drop knowing that each sip is backed by over a 1000 years of ancient Chinese wisdom. Every cup is a cheer to longer healthier life.


  • Taste Tip: You may add Lemon or Honey to your tea brew for taste, as you like it.



A Pack of Hypertension Tea (20 Teabags)


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