Please read the information below if you have ordered from other states aside LAGOS, OGUN, ABUJA, DELTA & PHC.

As E-Commerce gains ground in Nigeria, many stakeholders have sacrificed a lot to see it evolving over the years against all odds.

The reason PAY ON DELIVERY service was introduced is to bridge the TRUST ISSUES & FEARS between sellers and buyers.

However, among every 12 disciples, there is a JUDAS.

There are some sellers who care more about their stomach than giving true values.

Also, there are buyers who order for products just for the fun of it and refuse to show up when the product arrives in their cities.

Both are pain points.

Our company has close to 5 years reputation of selling online and we believe in giving genuine value more than anything else.

We have successfully delivered products to thousands of customers nationwide within this period.

However, just recently, we discovered that we were running into heavy, unbearable losses because of customers who placed orders on our website but refused to collect the products after we have shipped to their states. Some customers “lied” that they traveled and wouldn’t be back until after 3 months. We have had cases where a buyer was called for delivery and the same person that told the rider to come, picked up the call and said “the person that has this number is dead please don’t call me again”. Some denied ever placing orders. So many excuses… How worse can this get?

As you know so well,


This has resulted in the enforcement of the COMMITMENT DEPOSIT policy by the Management Team. Henceforth a token of ₦2,000 must be deposited by customers who place orders from outside Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, Delta & PHC. This is purely to sieve out serious customers from unserious ones.

Please note that this ₦2,000 fee is not an additional payment. This is just a part-payment of the total product fee.

For instance, if the product ordered is ₦15,000, we require buyers outside the states listed above to pay ₦2,000 before we send and then pay the balance of ₦13,000 at the point of delivery.

All payments are to be made to our company’s account:

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

Acct. Name: Whizzy Innovations

Acct. Number: 0243793843

Please endeavor to send a TEXT or WhatsApp message on 08103557330 after payment so that your order can be sent IMMEDIATELY.

What if something unlikely happens and we couldn’t deliver your product?

We will fully refund your commitment fee within 24 hours. If we don’t, please report us to EFCC.

Thanks for your understanding.

For More Information or Enquiries, Please Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08103557330

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